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Pros and cons of natural facial cosmetics

Pros and cons of natural facial cosmetics

Pros and cons of various types of cosmetics

To date, many women seek to purchase cosmetics made from natural raw materials. And although the latest technologies and developments in the field of professional skin care can do wonders with the appearance, the demand for natural cosmetics is steadily growing. What advantages and disadvantages does it have? What should be considered when choosing it?

The effect of cosmetics without preservatives on the skin

According to many women, cosmetics made from natural ingredients are safer and more effective than conventional care products. Is this really the case?

Most manufacturers indicate on their products that they are completely natural. However, today there is no clear definition of which cosmetics can be considered natural or biologically pure. This leads to the fact that unscrupulous manufacturers can give out almost any product for it. To choose a really high-quality product, you need to pay attention to the fact that natural cosmetics must meet some basic requirements:

  • The instructions must contain a complete list of components;
  • Product testing should not take place on animals;
  • The composition should be free of synthetic preservatives, as well as oils and fats of non-natural origin;
  • The presence of a package with a dispenser (vacuum prevents the reproduction of bacteria and the content of preservatives in them is minimal);
  • Avoid products with a strong odor (perfumes indicate the presence of chemical components);
  • Pay attention to the price (high-quality natural cosmetics cannot be cheaper than usual).

The cosmetics industry strives to produce cosmetics that have stable quality and the same composition. But the natural components that make up natural care products can vary greatly depending on climatic or other factors. Natural oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin contain a lot of impurities, so their shelf life is small. In order for them to be used as ingredients for organic cosmetics, they must be pre-processed. This is a rather expensive stage of production, and therefore the cost of natural skin care products is usually quite high.

Another common statement is the statement that organic cosmetics can completely do without preservatives. Is this really the case? It is proved that any ready-made cosmetic product contains certain types of preservatives (food or synthetic). Because they prevent the growth and development of bacteria and fungi, for which the composition of natural cosmetics is an ideal habitat.


Pros and cons of natural facial cosmetics

In order to make a choice in favor of natural or professional cosmetics, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages in advance.

The main advantages of natural cosmetics are:

  • Natural composition

The complete absence of complex chemical compounds that can harm the skin of the face makes such care products very popular. And the effectiveness of natural ingredients speaks for itself.

  • Lack of animal testing

Cosmetics made from organic raw materials are not tested on animals. Many consider inspections of this kind inhumane and are ready to abandon products manufactured using such tests.

  • Biodegradable packaging

The packaging of natural cosmetics, which is not very attractive in appearance, is caused by manufacturers’ concern for the environment. Ease of disposal can also be attributed to the advantages of using this cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics are a long-term investment in the health of the body.

The way its effect on the skin is not so pronounced right away, but in the future the effect of its use will be pleasing.

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