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To put it simply, sensitive skin is reactive skin, and if you have ever experienced redness, dryness, or inflammation from a product then you know what we’re talking about. Although often referred to as a skin type itself, it is usually a symptom of another underlying condition.

Unfortunately, sensitivity can be caused by a whole slew of aggressors, including fragrances, soaps, alcohols, parabens, and environmental factors. Chances are that even if you have experienced a reaction from a product, you will not necessarily know which of these nasties is the culprit. The tell-tale signs will be obvious though- rough flaky skin, itchiness, redness, and aggravation. So, what to do next?

At Kirra we make all-natural  sensitive skincare products because we believe that natural is healthier.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, a foray into the world of all-natural and organic products could make all the difference and help to repair the skin barrier in a gentler way. It will also cut out a lot of the ingredients that contribute to skin sensitivity in the first place.

Getting back to basics is always a good place to start – a gentle cleanser and moisturiser should be the foundation of your sensitive skincare routine. If you want to add more active products to your routine – do it slowly and only add one at a time. This makes it much easier to pinpoint the cause of the sensitivity if it arises.

Our Cleansing Balm and Daily Moisturiser are both formulated to cater to sensitive skin by restoring moisture with Avocado Butter and Australian extracts to nourish and protect. Avoid harsh chemicals that could strip the skin’s moisture barrier and exfoliants and acids that will only exacerbate the condition.

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