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Natural cosmetics are a hot beauty trend

Natural cosmetics are a hot beauty trend you should know about

Natural cosmetics today is a certain beauty trend that is gaining momentum every day. Today, instead of hyped shampoos, lotions and balms, the fair sex prefers natural extracts from plants and flowers, coconut or shea butter and many other products.

And this is quite logical – cosmetics without harmful additives are much more effective and, oddly enough, affordable. Fortunately, modern product manufacturers offer lines for women, men, children, universal family products that will provide decent care for skin, hair, nails, etc.

Types of natural cosmetics

The level of consumption of natural cosmetics is growing at a maximum rate. Such popularity is due to the fact that the funds really work and, most importantly, with the maximum benefit for health and appearance. Currently, natural cosmetics can be divided into two groups:

  • organic;
  • bio cosmetics.

Organic-based products are based on natural ingredients, but harmless additives such as vitamins, special oils, plant extracts, etc. are allowed. In the production of such products, only organic raw materials are used, the use of components based on chemical elements is excluded.

Bio-cosmetics also have a natural basis, but are divided into two groups – phyto-products and cellular solutions, which are created on an animal basis.

Phyto-cosmetics are completely made from herbal ingredients. It is based on extracts of plants and herbs that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, and most importantly, solve problems from the inside. Cosmetic products are intended for hands, face, hair.

There are series that help get rid of specific imperfections (acne, blackheads, the effects of rashes, pigmentation, etc.). A certain disadvantage of such products is a possible allergic reaction, since with high sensitivity the skin can give an unexpected reaction to pure extracts of herbs and plants.

Cellular cosmetics or products developed on an animal basis are considered one of the most expensive, but effective. These products contain embryonic cells of animals, humans or placental preparations, which radically affect the condition of the skin, hair and appearance in general.

It has been proven that such preparations cope with problems (age-related changes in the skin of the face and body) several times faster than alternative cosmetic products, less radically than surgical techniques. However, the use of such products without direct indications, recommendations and control of a doctor can lead to negative consequences.

The main thing is to choose products that are most suitable for skin type, age, and depending on the existing cosmetic problems and points that you would like to correct without resorting to the “surgeon’s knife”.

Competitive features of natural cosmetic products

Patented natural cosmetics are distinguished by the following points:

  • has not been tested on animals and insects;
  • created on the basis of extracts of plants grown and harvested without the use of chemicals, herbicides and harmful fertilizers;
  • in its composition there are no chemical additives (or the minimum allowable percentage), flavors, dyes, preservatives, GMOs, as well as products obtained as a result of oil refining.
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