What is special in our Aroma Blocks

We use the finest ingredients, using natural soy and palm wax blends, together with essential and fragrance oils creating the perfect wax which easily pops out from your oil burner, when it has cooled.

Safe and clean packaging

Our aroma blocks are packed in a clear blister pack so you can see the product. The aroma is trapped in the air tight container preserving the aroma for a longer period of time.

Easy to break in small cubes

Due to being hand poured, into our unique blister pack, it is easy to snap off the required cubes from the block for creating blends.

Easy to create your individual blend

For one scent load in the oil burner you can use from 6 - 8 cubes which can last for 6 - 8 hours of burning to produce a nice individual scent.

How to use Kirra Aroma

Easy to use: Break individually marked cubes by hand.

Use up to eight individual aroma cubes at once, which will provide a constant aroma for approximately 4–6 hours. Simply break individually marked cubes by hand and combine as required. Place in appropriate burner - do not use more than 9 cubes at once.

Mix: Mix and match to create your own blends Recommended load max.   8 cubes.

Place the aroma blocks wax melts in the open bowl of the oil burner. Only use a tea light candle to heat the aroma blocks within the burner and make sure it is kept in sight and away from flammable objects. To change fragrance, let wax cool and harden to pop out.

Remove: Remove wax after it has sufficiently cooled/hardened.

Create your own Aromatherapy:By having a basic knowledge of aromatherapy you can easily create your own blend and mix the essential oil based blocks. We have included some blends to inspire you.

Blocks in the oil burner

Caution:Place the Aromatherapy burner on stable surface. Do not move the burner as the wax could spill and cause severe burning. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Try these cube blends to create your own aromatherapy:

Energising: 2 x cubes Lemon Myrtle, 2 x Mandarin and 2 x Lime.

Romantic: 3 x cubes Rose Geranium, 2 x Palmarosa and 1 x Ylang Ylang.

Relaxing: 4 x cubes Lavender, 2 x Jas-mine and 1 x Basil.

Inspiring: 3 x cubes Lemongrass, 1 x Basil and 2 x Peppermint.

Try these fragrance blends:

Fresh: 3 x cubes Lemongrass, 2 x cucumber/melon and 2 x Cool Citrus.

Summer: 4 x cubes Pineapple Coconut and 4 x Watermelon.

Delicious: 4 x Chocolate chip cookie, 3 x Cappuccino and 1 x Vanilla.