Can our skincare products cause skin problems?

Because our natural skincare products do not contain any harmful chemical components like derived mineral oils, parabens, genetically changed components and SLS’s, you don’t have to be anxious about your skin having any adverse or harsh reactions. Most importantly we use Aloe Vera juice, instead of water, which has good properties to relax and recover the skin.

How do I store Kirra skincare products?

Kirra skincare products are natural.  The shelf life of natural products is significantly shorter than that of traditional skincare products, which contain artificial preservatives.  Storing natural skincare products in temperatures of 0 – 25ºC, is therefore very important.  Drastic temperature changes to which the skincare products are exposed, may have an adverse effect on them.  It is best to store natural skincare products in a cool environment, away from humidity and sunlight.  Bathrooms are not the ideal place to store them, because of frequent fluctuations in temperature and humidity - perfect conditions for bacteria and spores to grow.  Another important factor to consider is direct sunlight.  Plant extracts can lose their properties and benefits if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.  When we squeeze cream from a tube for example, air is sucked back into the tube as the tube expands back into its original form.  Bacteria may be present during this process and may be sucked into the tube.  If this recurs frequently in a humid hot environment, the effectiveness of the natural ingredients in skincare products can be easily compromised.

How long can I keep natural skincare products?

Our skincare products have a shelf life of 12 months from the date they are manufactured.  Once the products have been opened, their shelf life is significantly reduced and they should be used up within 6 months of opening.  The higher the preservative content, the longer the shelf life.  But it is not desirable to have a high concentration of preservatives, so the compromise is to use the products within 6 months of having first opened them. 

Where are Kirra skincare products made? 

Kirra skincare products are made in Sydney, Australia – one of the most unpolluted continents in the world.  Our entire manufacturing process is carried out in Australia. The full cycle of manufacture of cosmetics,  from working out  formulas right through to filling, packing and distributing, occurs in Australia (Sydney).