What are fragrance oils?

Essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils. Where essential oils contain only the distilled essence of a plant, perfume and fragrance oils are artificially created fragrances, contain artificial substances or are diluted with carrier oils and do not offer the calibre of therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer.

How to find your preferred fragrance?

It is difficult to find the most appealing fragrance when there is a huge range of individual essential oils or fragrances available. Kirra has found the perfect solution to experimenting with our products to find your preferred blends. Choose the aromatic category you like (floral, woody or fruity smell). Choose some essential oils from this aroma category in different notes. When you find your preferred essential oils in aroma blocks then follow the instructions below to find the right proportions of each block:

Step 1

Put your chosen aroma blocks all together

First Choice - is to keep the blocks in a straight line so you will smell each aroma block evenly

Second choice— is to adjust your aroma strength by putting some blocks up so that more scent of this fragrance is apparent.

Step 2

You should hold the testing aroma blocks under your nose at a distance of 3cm and move the aroma blocks up and down to each other to find your favoured fragrance

Step 3

Result from your choice

First Choice - 3 Lemon Myrtle + 3 Lime and 3 cubes of Orange

Second choice — 5 Orange + 3 Lime and 1 cube of Lemon