The new Kirra Affiliate and Loyalty Program is a way of Kirra to show you how much it loves all their loyal customers. The loyalty program has been created for all the online registered clients with easy rules for rewarding the loyal customers who have and continue to show great support for the brand. Upon registering on the website, the clients will have access to various loyalty programs that are in store.

KRP – Kirra Reward Point

A Kirra Reward Point has been created for measuring the activity and loyalty of customers towards their brand. $10.00AU will be made available to you upon reaching 100 KRPs. This can then be deducted from the shopping cart. If Kirra ever decides to change their current policies, then they will be letting all their clients know beforehand. Also, the changes will be applicable on new points earned and not the existing points.
The reward points can be earned through the following means:

  • 100 KRP will be received once you register online.
  • 1 KRP can be earned for every dollar that you end up spending. This will exclude shipping costs and taxes.
  • Unlimited points can be earned depending on your order.
  • 50 KRP can be earned when you sign up for the newsletter.
  • If you review a purchase that you made, you can earn 50 KRP.

Your Kirra reward points can be used during your checkout procedure. You have the option of applying or removing them as needed.
You can use your coupon codes as you desire without facing any restrictions and you can also earn KRP using the same shopping cart. KRP can be used upon collecting more than 100 KRP within your account. This means that after registering on the website, you will become eligible for using your KRP. These KRPs will remain in your account till 360 days and you can use them whenever during that period. If you do not use them during that time, then they will automatically be deleted.

KRP Shows the Benefit of Being Loyal to the Brand

Through this system, the company wants to let their customers know how much they love and appreciate their loyalty towards them. All loyal customers deserve to be compensated for such loyalty and this is exactly what the company wants to provide to their customers.
The new Kirra Affiliate and Reward Program is a great way to show how much loyalty towards a certain product or brand pays off. The program has been constructed in a manner that is very easy to use and understand. This means that new customers will have no problems in getting the hang of it.
Visit Kirra’s official website to know more about their Affiliate and Reward’s program.
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