Our unique company logo and the name Kirra were both inspired by Australian nature.

some Australian native languages Kirra means leaf and in others it means beautiful girl.

Our History

Kirra Pty Ltd was founded in April 2009. Ideas can only become a reality through sheer determination, perseverance and ongoing hard work. Our idea to go natural stems from several questions we kept asking ourselves over the years: «Why are there so many chemicals in skin and hair care products? Are they really necessary? Surely they can’t be good for us? Doesn’t Mother Nature already provide everything we need?» And so our idea to go natural took root...

We engaged some of Australia’s leading experts and cosmeticians to help us create uniquely structured formulas for our products. After investing an entire year of «blood and sweat» into the development of our products and production processes, we were ready to accept and fulfil our first order. Our ingredients consist of 100% natural and certified organic components, because we believe that natural is healthier. We admire and respect the power of nature and want everyone to benefit from it, without having to pay more than for regular cosmetic products. Our manufacturing plant is nestled in the heart of the Central Coast, West Gosford.

Good ethics is good business”

Our Mission

Our common goal is to provide a wide range of good quality and affordable natural products, thereby making the Kirra brand an internationally renowned name in the health and beauty industry, without compromising our business ethics and standards along the way.

A Love for People

We have a love for people and maintain a warm and positive atmosphere in our family-owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on maintaining a pleasant and positive workplace where business ethics is well understood and honoured.

Business Ethics

We endeavour to establish long term partnerships with our customers, partners and suppliers for mutual benefit. We only collaborate with partners who appreciate and understand our values and maintain the same standards and business ethics.

We keep our Promises

Being a family business makes us highly flexible in supporting you with new products and various business needs. We conduct business honestly, with integrity and provide our customers with high quality natural products. We are committed to protecting the environment in which we operate. We strive towards excellence and deliver value and quality.