Your Ideal Morning Skin-Care Routine

There are many beauty bloggers all around who constantly post on skincare and how to achieve the ideal skin through a great morning routine. Some of them test products on a consistent basis to find out which ones they can trust and which ones they should not use. Here are some of the products that you should definitely add as part of your ideal morning skin care routine:


1. Water

Drinking a few glasses of water the first thing you wake up is of utmost importance for achieving a healthy skin. Our bodies are constantly losing moisture, especially when we spend so many hours sleeping. The sooner you replace all the lost moisture, the better it is for you.


2. Cleanser

A cleanser is a must have for all skin types so that you can keep your skin oil and dirt free. Dust and oil gathering on your face can lead to the development of blackheads which can be difficult to get rid of. Additionally, when you leave the dust and dirt on your face for long periods of time, you can risk developing fine lines, wrinkles, and a bad skin. Cleansers by Kirra are made from 100% natural ingredients to give you a smooth and clear skin.


3. Toner

Aside from a cleanser, you need to have a toner that you should apply right after cleansing your skin. A toner will help to close your pores and make sure that it remains looking fresh and clean. Additionally, a good toner will help in moisturizing your skin and add a protective layer on it.


4. Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin every day is essential for locking in hydration and making sure that your skin remains supple and soft throughout the day. Try using a moisturizer containing SPF so that when you leave your home during the day, you can remain well protected from the sun. The best time to apply moisturizer is when your skin is still moist. This will help the moisturizer to lock in the already existing moisture on your skin as well as give it extra moisture. Also, while moisturizing, you should never forget the neck.


5. Facial Oil

Facial oil by Kirra can be applied to the face before you shower to cover the skin so that it can remain protected from the water that has chlorine in it. This will also be useful during the times when you decide to go swimming since swimming pools make use of chlorine to kill germs and bacteria.

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