Why Natural?


Although we may not think of our skin as an organ, it is in fact the body’s largest organ and our protective cover.  In an average lifetime, a regular person’s skin may absorb more than 8-10kgs of chemical components found in typical cosmetic products. Consequently, this may cause various diseases.  Petrochemicals are chemical products made from the raw materials of petroleum or other hydrocarbons. Whilst it has not been proven that all petrochemicals are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), it is both surprising and alarming that so many beauty and skincare brands still regularly use petrochemical ingredients in their products when there is such controversy around their safety.  Natural ingredients and products are plant derived and do not harm our bodies or the environment – on the contrary: they assist our bodies with their genetically programmed natural healing process.

We pride ourselves on using predominantly unique Australian ingredients.


Quality assurance

Our promise to our customers……

.......is to provide a wide range of quality, affordable, natural cosmetic products, made with certified organic ingredients that do not contain harmful synthetic or chemical components and preservatives.  Our manufacturing plant is located in Australia – one of the most unpolluted continents in the world.  We do not use any of following components in our products:

  • NO derived mineral oils
  • NO genetically changed components
  • NO artificial dyes
  • NO artificial fragrances
  • NO pesticides or herbicides
  • NO parabens (synthetic preservatives
  • NO petrochemicals
  • NO sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates
  • NO harmful chemical components
  • NO nano-particles

Our products - including the ingredients we use - are NOT tested on animals

The “Kirra Quality Check & Sealed” label guarantees that all our production processes are carried out according to stringent standards.