Cosmetics allergies recognise and treat

The skin is our biggest organ we own. Hence, it can already seem once that it can come to problems like allergic reactions. With some people the ingredients of beauty care products release allergic reactions. The problem is that new materials are used over and over again, the allergies can release. Because the skin encloses our whole body, allergic reactions can also spread out over the whole body.


Can cosmetics be dangerous for the health?


Yes. Cosmetics contain a huge number of ingredients, among the rest, also preservative, stabilizers and odoriferous substances which can release contact allergies. If such as delicacy on a cosmetic ingredient has originated after preceding contact, it comes in renewed contact with an allergic skin reaction, so-called allergic contact eczema.

Typical symptoms:

  • Itch
  • Sensitivity
  • Swell
  • Vesicles
  • Dandruff

 A once acquired contact sensitisation continues as a rule for life and leads in renewed contacts with the concerning material over and over again to an allergic contact eczema.


How big are the problems with the allergies which originate on account of the use cosmetics?

 Between 30 and 40 percent of all suspicion cases with patients with allergic contact eczema which go for the clarification to a dermatological clinic are seen in connection with the use by cosmetics, creams and light protection means. The personal dismay and the suffering pressure of the affected persons is particularly coined because the products are applied at well visible places - mostly face, neck and hands - and there then also the contact eczemas appear. Hence, the illness is evident for everybody.


Does the number of the allergies increase?

 The cosmetics order is updated regularly, based on the respective state of the science. Then certain ingredients are forbidden or limited in her licensing. Nevertheless, is the portion of the patients who suffer from a contact allergy on cosmetic ingredients about the years away relatively consistently. By the quick change on this sector which walks along with constantly new products the spectrum of the contents materials and potential contact allergens continuously moves. A potent allergen was hardly recognised and adjusted, we already deal to a new one. Here the market to the doctors and the science is always an inch ahead.

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