Once you've treated your dry skin, you should engage in a regular hand care treatment that will keep your skin feeling soft and looking young.

The best thing to do for your hands is to moisturise them throughout the day and before going to bed. You may want to keep a hand cream accessible so that you can apply it after washing your hands or any time your hands start to feel slightly dry. Any moisturising lotion will accomplish this task, but you may want to look for products designed specifically for hands, since they tend to be less greasy and absorb more quickly. This will allow you to moisturise on the go whenever you feel the need.

Another thing to consider on top of moisturising is selecting the right cleanser for hand washing. Antibacterial soaps can be especially harsh, so you may want to avoid them. Instead, seek out moisturising liquid cleansers. The less dry your skin becomes with regular hand washing, the more effective your regular moisturising will be.

In addition to making a habit of moisturising your hands several times a day, you should also change up your moisturiser based on the season. During the winter, your skin is far more likely to dry out due to the harsh, cold weather conditions. When there is a chill in the air or the snow starts to fall, start using a heavier hand cream that will help lock in your skin's natural moisture. When warmer weather returns, you can change back to a lighter moisturiser.