5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Come celebrate with us our 5th Anniversary where the first ten retail orders totalling more than AUD$100.00 will receive a unique 5th Anniversary Special Edition Hurricane Candle as a gift from Kirra.

Kirra’s beautiful handmade hurricane candles are truly unique. Made from Natural Palm wax give a nice unique pattern.

The Hurricane Candles are hollow inside and have a candle inside, the outer shell is not scented so you can burn a votive candle in 50 fragrances of your choice. When you will take care, the wax of hurricane candle can last very long. We have on the bottom of our candle a ventilation holes what creates a air stream for your aromatic votive candle.

kirra candle

Illuminate hurricane candle by burning a soy votive candle. Only burn a votive candle inside the hurricane candle. Burning any candle larger than a votive can melt the hurricane candle shell.

votive candles 1

Kirra small votive candles are an economic way to build a collection of different fragrances. When a votive candle is lit, the surface becomes liquid and very quickly starts to spread the aroma. The wicks are lead free and made from 100% cotton. The wicks are tabbed which ensures the candle will burn completely to the end. We are using high quality fragrances and eco friendly colours. To complement the soy wax votive candles, we have 7 different coloured glasses. Burning time 15 -17 hours.